In front of my own raised pond

in front of my own raised pond

“He to whom Nature
begins to reveal
her open secret
will feel an irresistible yearning
for her most worthy interpreter,


Welcome to the spacemagic garden design website. I hope you’ll find it interesting and informative, with plenty to inspire and think about.

I have been designing and building gardens for 17 years whilst maintaining my parallel career as an artist (for those who are interested please visit my other website for my art portfolio). Designing gardens, like Art, is about creating meaning and sense out of matter not yet formed. Once a sense has been created, people respond and are changed by it; we know instinctively that the forms that we surround ourselves with make us behave and live differently.

The challenge is to create forms that enhance life and not repress how we want to live. Good design can help us live well and my passion is to be ‘an enabler’ and help my clients realise spaces that express their lives and not mine.

You won’t find every garden I’ve ever done, as some were never photographed at the right time and others, unfortunately, never recorded at all but I’ve made a selection of some of the gardens that illustrate some of the design themes of the last few years since moving to Bradford on Avon in 2002.

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